Interview with Joseph Phillips - PM Trainer and Author

May 03, 2022 Walt Sparling Season 1 Episode 18
Interview with Joseph Phillips - PM Trainer and Author
Show Notes

In This Episode:

I had the pleasure of sitting down “virtually” over a zoom call with Joseph Phillips, an author, and trainer in the project management industry.  Joe is a well-established PM trainer and book author on the topic of project management. We spoke about his latest book and his thoughts on the PMP exam and PMP certification.  Joe has a diverse background in IT and project management and the certs, training, and experience to back it up.

We also touched on PDUs a theme I have been discussing in recent interviews and blog posts and a variety of book recommendations - see the list below.

This was a great interview, one of my favorites.  Joe was a genuine pleasure to talk with and I look forward to having him back in future episodes.

Do you want to know what the PMP exam tests you on?

Favorite line:

  • "Project Management is like chess, but you don’t know all the rules."

Joe's key recommendation on development:

  • "Keep moving forward" - You need to keep learning and growing to stay ahead and continue to grow.

Books Mentioned:

Did you know:

  • Having some personal acronyms, like a personal mantra can help you be more successful. - Joe's is "Keep moving forward".